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Artist : Paul PARIN


Photography has offered me a wonderful journey over the past 15 years. It has given me the opportunity to travel and explore areas of beauty and wilderness that I otherwise might have never seen. It has allowed me to develop an appreciation of nature’s design and given me the insight to stop and look a little deeper, to be patient, to feel an images as the landscape speaks to me.

Moments of magic through combinations of light, texture, shapes and form often reveal themselves at best in moments of spontanelty though more often the quest for a particular image can be an exercise of considered process. Luck certainly plays a part but developing the understanding that will put you in the best position to take your chance should it present itself comes through experience, perception and particularly awareness.


At the end of the day my photography allows me periods of time to be simply ‘out there’. I cherish this time away from the busy pace of city life and find the photographic quest and the associated solitude a most cathartic process that allows me the personal time to grow as a person and to continually develop and refine my craft.

Take the time to look and you may be surprised at just what you might see.


Photographer's Exchange

The Breadbox Gallery,Perth,February 2007

The Pikture Gallery,Bangkok,March 2007

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