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Postcards from a lazy adventurer

           These are a small selection of my ‘postcards’ by the settings for novels such as Graham Greene’s ‘Our Man in Havana’ or of adventurers such as Henri Mahout. I look for elements that have remained unaffected by the passage of time and photograph scenes that fit my mental picture of what life may have been like in Colonial French, Indochina or Hemingway’s Cuba.

         The way I present my images has also been influenced   by   the ethnographic & travel photograph of the early20th Century. I produce my prints to reflect this style, resisting digital manipulation and



continuing to use B&W film. Each image is hand printed and toned, then completed with an old postage stamp from the century where I took the photo, to add context and produce the old postcard look.

            Architecture and modes of transport feature a lot in my images.   Why I am not sure, maybe one indicates stability and sense of place whilst the other a restlessness   and   a   desire to continue my endless journey? But I don’t think about it too much, my photographs are a selfish pleasure, they are my record of where I have been and….maybe, of what could have been.


Photographer's Exchange

The Breadbox Gallery,Perth,February 2007

The Pikture Gallery,Bangkok,March 2007


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