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THE PIKTURE GALLERY : Art Classes & Workshop

The Pikture Gallery has had the opportunity to offer art classes for just over 12 years now. We are lucky to have known and taught people from many walks of life.

As a gallery, we feel very privileged to be able to offer a few hours of escapism and mind exploration within these glass walls and away from the hustle and bustle of our ever-growing city.

The works produced here are of fine quality, which reflects on the skill and dedication of our teachers. However most importantly, our students have shown great love for art, what we aim for is to simply endorse art appreciation.

The Pikture Gallery is homed to original artworks by many local and international artists. Individual styles and techniques make works at the Gallery a must for those looking for something different. Bold oil on canvas, dreamy abstract and Chinese brush water colour are just a few examples.

Since 2004, The Pikture Gallery has been displaying limited edition fine art photography from well known photographers local and abroad. Works include colourful photographic prints of Thailand and South East Asia as well as powerful hand printed black & whites.

The Pikture Gallery also offer other services such as professional framing and lamination, photographic & large format ink-jet printing and commission works by the Gallery's artist.


- Fine Art Work  : Fine Art PhotographyPaintings, Printings 

- Framing Service

- Art classes & Workshops

- Restoration

- Jet printing - Large format ink

- Digital printing


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The  Pikture Gallery

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