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Artist : Soofia Asad



Soofia Asad

Life holds many mysteries. But the biggest enigma

for anyone is oneself. Every image that you capture,

every frame that you see, every color that you absorb,

unfolds a tiny part of the mystery that is ‘you’.

When Soofia discovered her camera, she started to

discover herself. Most of Soofia’s photographic work

revolves around self-awareness, whether it is through

self-portraits or by photographing others. 


She believes that everything that she sees

through her lens helps her to understand

her relationship with herself and with the

world around.

These photographs were taken in Nepal in 2012

-a trip that not only gave Soofia courage but also

provided her a glimpse into a world of religious

tolerance, love and beauty in the heart of

poverty and desolation.

Soofia hails from Pakistan and is settled in Islamabad.


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