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Artist : Charintorn Rachuratchata




After graduated in a BA. from Sukhothai university , Charinthorn started her career with Cheeze magazine and Cheeze studio. Her interested on visual arts drove her to a career as fashion photographer where she developed an interested capture the evanescent quality physical female beauty. With years of work in fashion studio now her interest has shifted to a more personal and playful work in which she express a very personal vision of her perceptions, intuitions and reflections.




               - BUBBLE Solo Photography and Video Art exhibition at RMA Institute


               - WITHIN THESE WALL Group exhibition at Bangkok Art And 

                 Cultural Center (BACC)


               - UP TO YOU Group exhibition at Dungderm Hotel



                -Fata Morgana (directed,written,director of photography,edited)

                -Bubble Video Art (directed,written,director of photography,edited)

                  Opened at BUBBLE Exhibition RMA Institute


Freelance photographer ( Raffle University, C-menthai, Sony music and etc )  

and artist (in collection of The Pikture Gallery, BACC, RMA Institute)




In her work Last Breath Pai Lin invites us to travel to a world of desolation and lost. A world devoid of human presence and light, a world in which even color has begun to fade, leaving the grey ghost of his past brightness in the shape of peeling off patches that reveal the scars on the blackened skin of a crumbling neighborhood. The only sign of human presence are tattered Chinese ads pasted on the walls, superimposed generations of commercial messages left by the invisible dwellers of this dilapidated Hong Kong residential concrete blocks. Pai Lin's portrayal of this desolate archeological canvas speaks of the fading universe of its inhabitants, their traditional  bustling street commerce sucked away by the mesmerizingly bright shopping malls and glass skyscrapers raging a few meters away. As residents long for the promises of the neighboring frenzied future that unfolds by their side, their homes emit yet another last breath in silence.



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