Artist : Paul Pavle Lukin


Paul Pavle Lukin

Paul Pavle Lukin is internationally recognized and awarded

photographer, currently living in Bangkok,Thailand.

Born: Split,Croatia   Started photography in 2001

Paul is a photographer that is hard to categorize ,shooting from

Fine art photography and lifestyle to portraits and culture 

from commercial and fashion to nature,landscapes and 

wild life. Photography is my passion

I’m enjoying every second behind the lens.Be able to 

capture the moment, tell the story and save it forever 

is magical. In my words 

“Photography  is  where time   stands still”   

" Photography is as much as part of my life as breathing.

I am always searching, thinking, composing, and being inspired.

Even when I don't actually have a camera in my hand I am still

visually framing in my mind."  by  Paul Pavle Lukin 



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